2019 Annual Training Plan

(1) Training workshop of the upgraded website www.mdtu.sg.gov.lk
Vision of the Program  
Content of the training  
Target group   Department Head (Training), Training Coordinator, Training Coordinator Acting
No. of trainings   2
No. of days   1
No. of training programs   2
Location   Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Auditorium

(2) Basic Computer Training
Vision of the Program   Officers who do not have a basic knowledge of computer usage should receive formal and fundamental knowledge about it
Content of the training   Fundamental of Computing Microsoft Windows MS Word MS Excel
Target group   New Recruitment Management Assistant Service officers and Officers in Provincial Public Service who needs basic computer knowledge
No. of trainings   1
No. of days   3
No. of training programs   1
Location   Management Development & Training Center -Pussella