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No Training program Target group No. of participants Number of days Start date Time Duration Closing Date Location Resource persons Download Brochure Status Contents List of the Participants
1 Project report writing (English) Basic English knowledge officers who are interested in writing project reports 40 02 2019-08-26 08:30am - 04:45pm 2019-08-21 Management Development & Training Center -Pussella Prasad Kodithuwakku Download Application closed Identify the need for a report Sorting of records Content of a report Essay style and language style Model report study Practice session View Participants
2 Personality development 2nd Primary level officers of institutions 60 02 2019-08-26 08:30am - 16:30 2019-08-21 Management Development & Training Center -Pussella R.D. Renuka Thamara Kumari Jayarathne, G.M.Chaminda Malwaththa, Nishantha Mahesh Download Application closed What is Personal Development? Leadership and its characteristics Qualities and weaknesses that affect personality Improving qualities and avoid weaknesses Developing attitudes for productive service Improving team spirit View Participants
3 Web designing 2nd For Provincial Public Service Officers 40 03 2019-08-29 08:30am - 16:45pm 2019-08-26 Management Development & Training Center -Pussella Charitha Punchinilame Download Apply Now What is Internet? What is WWW? How WWW work? Introduction of HTML Basic HTML Tags Introduction of CSS Usage of CSS Design web pages using HTML and CSS Using Layouts Using Multimedia on web Introduction of web servers Upload website to a remote server Individual Project View Participants
4 Awareness of Training Coordinators Officers who coordinate the training subject of the institutions 100 01 2019-09-12 08:30am - 04:45pm 2019-09-06 Management Development & Training Center -Pussella Charitha Punchinilame, G.G.D.Amila Susantha Gamage Download Apply Now www.mdtu.sg.gov.lk website. Implementing training programs. General Instructions on Involving Officers in Training Programs Discussing issues and obtaining suggestions. View Participants
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  Management Development & Training Unit (MDTU)
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Provincial Council of Sabaragamuwa
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