Web designing 2nd
Vision of the Program : Improve the knowledge of the internet and make the public service an effective service through providing the provincial public service officers with the opportunity to create simple and attractive websites for their institutions.
Contents : What is Internet? What is WWW? How WWW work? Introduction of HTML Basic HTML Tags Introduction of CSS Usage of CSS Design web pages using HTML and CSS Using Layouts Using Multimedia on web Introduction of web servers Upload website to a remote server Individual Project
Target Group : For Provincial Public Service Officers
No. of Participants : 40
Start Date : 2019-08-29
No. of Days : 03 (2019-08-29, 2019-08-30, 2019-08-31)
Time Duration : 08:30am to 16:45pm
Application closing date : 2019-08-26
Location : Management Development & Training Center -Pussella
Please contact the coordinating officer of the training subject in your office