Letter and Report Written (Sinhala)
Vision of the Program :  Improve report and article writing skills  Development of attitudes related to communication and exchange of ideas  To improve the efficiency of resource utilization and create a good management culture by improving the skills of officers
Contents :  Basic introduction to written communication  Identify types of articles and reports  Content elements of an article  Points to be considered while writing articles  Importance of subjective understanding  To understand the importance of maintaining politeness while writing letters and reports  Preparation of notes and writing notes  Identifying record types  Basic features a report should have  Points to be considered while writing a report  Preparation of reports
Target Group : Secondary Level Officers in the Provincial Public Service
No. of Participants : 75
Start Date : 2023-10-03
No. of Days : 02 (2023-10-03, 2023-10-04)
Time Duration : 08:30 am to 04:30pm
Application closing date : 2023-09-21
Location : Management Development & Training Center -Pussella
Please contact the coordinating officer of the training subject in your office