Salary conversions of public officers (TL)
Vision of the Program :  Ensuring correctness of salary conversions.  To improve knowledge about wage conversion.  Improve analytical capability  Establishing the quality of supervision activities.  Timely and accurate conversion of salaries of officials
Contents :  Salary conversion in case of promotion.  Salary conversion during employment.  Salary conversion in execution of disciplinary orders.  Salary conversion in case of pay revision.  Knowledge of circulars issued 2/97(III), 15/2003, 9/2004, 28/2010, 6/2006 and 3/2016 etc. in case of salary revision and salary interpretation.  Salary conversion in case of service interruption.  Salary conversion in case of advance.  Salary commutation in case of re-employment on contract basis after retirement.  Salary conversion in case of reinstatement.  Transfer of pay when a post holder moves to another post
Target Group : Sabaragamuwa Provincial Civil Service Executive Level Officers
No. of Participants : 75
Start Date : 2023-11-28
No. of Days : 02 (2023-11-28, 2023-11-29)
Time Duration : 08:30 am to 04:30pm
Application closing date : 2023-11-24
Location : Management Development & Training Center -Pussella
Please contact the coordinating officer of the training subject in your office